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Improve Your Manufacturing Operations With GANRO Rotary Tables, Indexers

Manufacturers worldwide are always looking for the most reliable workholding devices on the market to accommodate their indexing and rotating needs. For more than 30 years, Ganro (Golden Sun) has been providing the world with a wide range of products to meet any manufacturing needs. To meet those needs, a manufacturer must know which table is the right choice and understand the proper use and capabilities of the different styles of equipment.

Our product lines include:

Standard Rotary Tables
With sizes ranging from 120mm (4.72”) to 2500mm (98”), these rotary tables and indexers are capable of both vertical and horizontal mounting and have large thru-holes to offer maximum flexibility.

Tilting Rotary Tables
At CNC Indexing, you have the choice of three different types of Ganro standard tilting rotary tables that can accommodate most 4th/5th axis manufacturing needs. These include : 
Standard Tilting Rotary Tables : With sizing available from 320mm (12.59”) to 630mm (24.8”), this table offers ample room for the workpiece while also providing clearance for the machine’s spindle and tool.

Compact Tilting Rotary Tables : Coming in 150mm (5.90”), 200mm (7.87”) and 250mm (9.84”) sizes, these tables are ideal for the smaller machining center and workpieces.

Manual Tilting Rotary Tables : Available in sizes from 200mm (7.87”) to 630mm (24.80”), this manual rotary table is designed with full 4th axis and manual tilting axis that is perfect when tilting capabilities are only occasionally needed.
Horizontal Rotary Tables
With table tops ranging from 400mm (15.74”) to 300mm (118”) square, Ganro’s horizontal CNC rotary tables are useful in a wide range of manufacturing needs. The tables are designed for horizontal mounting only, and have the added benefit of withstanding extremely heavy workpieces. They are particularly suited to horizontal boring mill applications. These horizontal rotary tables can be used as a full rotating axis integrated into the machine’s CNC controller, or utilized as an indexer with Ganro’s M-Mate AC servo controller.
Horizontal Index Rotary Tables
Our line of precision horizontal index rotary tables come in two different types, both of which use a two-piece Hirth coupling design that offers superior indexing accuracy while still maintaining a high level of rigidity during heavy cutting.
CNC Index Rotary Table : These index rotary tables are clamped and unclamped with hydraulics. They are designed to integrate into a machine’s CNC controls, but can also be operated with Ganro’s M-Mate AC servo control system.
Manual Index Rotary Table : This line of manual rotary tables can be clamped and unclamped either pneumatically or hydraulically. When unclamped, the table is manually indexed to the required degree and securely clamped into place.
Face Gear Rotary Tables
Available in 250mm, 320mm, 400mm and 500mm sizes, these rotary tables are designed with a three-piece Hirth coupling for no-lift rotation. This design allows for mounting heavy workloads while still getting high rigidity and accuracy. These rotary tables are typically used in applications that incorporate a strong tailstock and tombstone or fixture plate, and can be integrated into the machine's CNC controls or operated through Ganro's AC servo controller.

Improve Your Manufacturing Processes Today
From large to small workpieces, horizontal and vertical applications, 4th and 5th axis work, and manual or automated applications, GANRO has the right rotary tables and machine tools accessories to meet any needs.